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We all have the right to a happy and fulfilling life.

At Life Supports we believe that with the right support, people can move forward in their lives. Our counsellors and psychologists have the specialist skills and experience required to help you develop a deeper understanding of your situation, and identify how to move forward and live life to the fullest.

For many years now, our counsellors and psychologists have worked with people of all ages, from diverse backgrounds, across a broad range of issues.

Life Supports counsellors and psychologists work with individuals, couples and families to develop healthier relationships, and improve psychological wellbeing.

Counselling Locations in Perth

Highly trained and experienced counsellors and psychologists are available throughout Perth. Every client’s individual set of circumstances are unique, and are always treated as such. Our counsellors and psychologists build relationships based on trust and professionalism- one of the reasons we are the leading provider of counselling services in Perth.

Counselling Services in Perth

Seeking counselling services can be an effective way to help ensure long-term wellbeing. Life Supports counselling provides a range of services to help you through difficult times and personal challenges. Life Supports counsellors and psychologists are able to assist with a wide range issues, including specialist services for:

Flexible Appointment Times

Our network of Perth counsellors and psychologists offer flexible appointment times, including after-hours and weekend appointments throughout Perth. 

Whether you'd like to make an appointment face to face or would prefer online counselling from the comfort of your own couch, our Perth counsellors and psychologists can offer counselling appointments your preferred way.

Our Perth-based counsellors & psychologists

All Life Supports accredited counsellors and psychologists operate in a professional environment, where your comfort and privacy are our first priority. To help you find the therapist who best meets your needs, check out our counsellors' profiles online.

Resource Hub

Looking for something to help right away? Check out these free guides and tips on mental health and well-being from the Life Supports team of experts.

Fees and rebates

There is a variety of financial access points for all services and forms of support you may be eligible for. Medicare rebates and bulk billing are available for some office-based, online, and phone counselling sessions, as well as affordable flat rate fees. Don’t let money be a barrier to getting the support you need.

GP Resources

A straightforward guide for GPs and medical professionals helping their clients access services.

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Bulk Billing

Bulk billed counselling services are not available at Life Supports,
however you can read about Medicare rebates, private fees, private health and what bulk billing actually means here.

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Private health

Some of our therapists are registered with private health insurers, so you're able to claim back part of your sessions.

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Getting a Mental Health Care Plan from your doctor can help reduce costs too.

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