Private Health Counselling Services

Some of our therapists are registered with private health insurers, so you're able to claim back part of your sessions.

Some private health insurance funds provide rebates for psychology and/or counselling services, depending on whether you have an eligible policy and level of cover. Rebates typically cover the majority of service fees, dependent on your policy. Many of our therapists are registered with various private health insurers. For further information, please call us on 1300 735 030.

We would advise first checking with your insurer that you're eligible then contacting our intake team to see if we have a therapist near by that is registered with your provider.

Please note, not all counsellors are registered with private health so please ensure you discuss this with the team when booking your appointment in.

Life Supports counselling services claimed via private health do not require a GP referral. Please note that you cannot simultaneously claim a Medicare rebate and private health rebate. Same-day appointments are often available if you are claiming a private health rebate for counselling.

All private health providers have different policies and rules of eligibility in order to access rebates, so please check your level of cover and the requirements or qualifications needed for selecting a suitable therapist first. You can discuss your individual circumstances with one of our intake consultants by calling 1300 735 030.

Services covered by private health insurance

Areas of counselling that attract a private health rebate include:

If you’re dealing with concerns not listed above, please call us to discuss your individual circumstances, as private health rebates cover counselling for a wide range of issues. Additionally, Medicare rebates are available for many of the services listed above.

If you have any queries about our counselling services and private health insurance, please call 1300 735 030.