GP Referrals

Why refer to a Life Supports accredited therapist?

  • All therapists represented are fully qualified and registered through their respective national regulation bodies, and maintain constant professional development
  • All therapists are further assessed on quality via client feedback to ensure they are not only evidence-based and qualified, but delivering effective treatment outcomes with patients
  • All therapists represented work from a client-centred focus on real world outcomes for clients
  • Clients speak with our trained intake team who guide them through an informed process to recommend the most appropriate therapist for their circumstances
  • Therapist training backgrounds and treatment techniques have been pre-screened by our intake team to encourage the most positive and effective therapy relationships from the outset
  • Our office is open for client or GP enquiries 7 days a week (8am-8pm weekdays, 9-5:30pm weekends)
  • All necessary referring information the GP requires will be sent in an email to the client for a streamlined referral process
  • Clients are able to book appointments with personalised and appropriate therapists within days

Advice for GPs on helping choose a therapist for their patient:

  1. Call our team on 1300 735 030. The GP can call on behalf of their patient or they can pass the client onto us where we may assist directly.
  • Our team will consult with you about the client’s location and postcode, presenting issues and struggles, availability, budget or concession requirements
  • Our team will provide personal therapist recommendations based on the presenting needs of the client and the therapists’ areas of professional experience
  • Our team will walk you through the pricing of sessions and will specify any Medicare rebate information where relevant
  • Our team will advise on live availability and can make confirmed appointments over the phone
  • With the client’s full consent and readiness, our team can help book the appointment and email the appointments details to the client
  • The GP will also be provided with the therapist details needed for the referral
  • Both the client and GP will receive information on the therapist, appointment details and client requests recorded.
  1.  Alternatively, you can submit an enquiry via our contact form to receive a call back or information via email

  2. Prepare the Mental Health Care Plan for the patient if suitable. Most GPs will recommend initial treatment plans for 6 sessions, with another 4 sessions upon review with their GP. With new COVID-19-sensitive adaptations, clients may be eligible for 20 sessions in a calendar year

  3. You may provide your patient with a hard copy version of the MHCP, or alternatively you can email it through to [email protected].

Our advice for clients before their GP appointment:

  1. After making a booking with us at Life Supports, we will send you a confirmation email outlining the details of your appointment

  2. Bring a version of the email on your phone, print a copy of your confirmation email, or write down the name, address and contact number of the counsellor you have chosen to see

  3. Call your GP reception to book an appointment (often they require a double appointment to go through all necessary history and screening information). 

  4. Mention that you have booked in to see a counsellor that offers a Medicare rebate, and show your GP the confirmation email

  5. Request a letter of referral (Mental Health Care Plan) addressed to the counsellor you have chosen

  6. The GP may need to go over family history and mental health background and complete basic assessments around how you’re feeling

  7. You can take the Mental Health Care Plan with you to the counselling session if the GP gives it to you in-person, or the GP can send it through directly to our team ([email protected]).
    If it is a Telehealth appointment, have it with you at the appointment or email this to Life Supports directly, prior to your appointment.

  8. Pay the full session fee at the counselling session, and claim your rebate online, through the app or at a Medicare branch using the receipt provided, OR your counsellor will process the rebate claim for you at their office (dependent on the facilities available)

FAQ’s for GP Referrals

To whom does the GP address the referral?

Address your patient’s referral for Medicare purposes to the specific practitioner’s name and practice address (we will provide all of this in an email for the patient). Whether or not the therapist practitioner is registered to provide a Medicare rebate will also be in the email.

You can give your patient a copy of this in-person to take to their appointment, or you can email it through to us at [email protected] to process. We do not have a fax number however if you prefer to send it via other means, please call us on 1300 735 030 and we can assist with postage details.

Where does the GP send the referral to?

You can give your patient a copy of their Mental Health Care Plan in-person to take to their appointment, or you can email it through to us at [email protected] to process. We do not have a fax number however if you prefer to send it via other means, please call us on 1300 735 030 and we can assist with postage details.

Do new clients need a GP referral to book an appointment?

You do not need a GP referral to book in an appointment as a new client to see a psychologist or counsellor. However, if you wish to access Medicare rebates and the therapist you’ve chosen offers a Medicare rebate, you do need to obtain a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP prior to your first counselling appointment. Our Intake team can explain this process to you if you call 1300 735 030. A GP referral and Mental Health Care Plan entitles you for up to 20 subsidised sessions per calendar year.

Do clients need a referral? 

You do not need a GP referral to access seeing a psychologist or counsellor. If the therapist you’ve chosen offers a Medicare rebate (our Intake team will explain this to you) and you wish to claim the rebates through Medicare with a relevant MHCP from your GP, a GP referral and Mental Health Care Plan can entitle you to rebates for up to 20 sessions per calendar year. The GP can give you the plan to take to your appointment or they can send it through to the therapist directly.

Do all of your therapists bulk-bill under a Mental Health Care Plan?

Clients can discuss their circumstances with one of our intake consultants on 1300 735 030 for assistance and information regarding the relevant fee structures. Bulk-billing is available with certain therapists for phone and online counselling services. Pleas bear in mind that longer wait times may be necessary.

More often, Medicare helps to cover a large portion of the therapy service cost. Mental health professionals set their own fees at their practice and there are many more services with a small co-payment or out-of-pocket contribution that clients will pay. As compared to bulk billing services, Medicare-subsidised appointments tend to be much more convenient to book and appointments are generally available within 48 hours, including afterhours and on weekends. 

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