Perth Drug and Alcohol Counselling

The first step in breaking addictive drug or alcohol cycles is to admit that you have a problem. This admission, to yourself and to others, will allow you to move forwards in breaking destructive habits, understanding the basis of your addiction and recovering your life.

Do YOU have a problem with drugs or alcohol?

It is not unusual that someone could have a drug or alcohol addiction and not be aware of it. It is possible to think that your ‘fix’ isn’t necessary, simply something that you enjoy. However, often a family member or friend may confront the addict, or they may become self aware after a particular incident. This may be the tipping point that forces the person into realising they need help.

There are different signs that a person may be addicted to drugs, however if you experience any of the following you should seek help:

  • Struggling to complete normal tasks at home or work
  • Relationship problems or breakdowns due to addictive habits
  • Physical Withdrawal when trying to cut down
  • Dishonest and angry when questioned about substance use
  • Requiring more to have the same fix

Consequences of drug and alcohol addiction

Substance abuse can wreak havoc on your body, but it can also cause serious emotional and mental pain. Not only is the user affected, but their family and friends. They may want to support and help you but feel unsure how, or have reached their breaking point.

Realising the pain caused to loved ones is often a catalyst for seeking much needed help.

Fortunately, with expert support  you can turn your life around and end your abuse of drugs or alcohol. Our Perth based counsellors can provide you with professional, honest and expert support and advice.

Alcohol and drug counselling in Perth

Picture your future life, a life that you can enjoy without the pain and heartbreak that invariably comes with substance abuse. Your relationships will become open and honest again and you will  no longer inflict pain on those who care about you. Within your body you will feel healthier and happier.

This life you are picturing is within your grasp, if you admit to your problem and ask for support. Contact our Perth counsellors and psychologists today to start working towards your new life.

Your counsellor or psychologist will be able to provide you with unwavering emotional support during this difficult transition, helping you with all of the key stages of overcoming substance abuse:

  • Tackling the habit
  • Identifying  the primary cause of your addiction
  • Ending addictive patterns and behaviours
  • Acquiring survival strategies
  • Challenging harmful thinking

Private focus in drug and alcohol counselling in Perth

Everyone struggles with substance abuse for different reasons and in different circumstances, which is why at Life Supports we endeavour to match each client with a Perth accredited drug and alcohol counsellor or psychologist that suits them.

A Perth based drug and alcohol counsellor who you trust and feel comfortable with will be key in overcoming your addiction. It is essential that you always feel you can be honest with them and confident in their support.

Life Supports offers supportive counsellors for drug and alcohol counselling in Perth

Overcoming drug addiction is hard, but it is harder to continue your life with a substance abuse problem. Call us now on 1300 735 030 and let us help you find a Perth drug and alcohol counsellor who can support and advise you.

Peruse our Perth Life Supports network of Counsellors and Psychologists and if there is a professional who you feel will make you feel most comfortable, tell our receptionist and we’ll try to accommodate your requests.

Life Supports counsellors offer confidential drug and alcohol counselling services from clinics in all major cities including SydneyMelbourneBrisbaneAdelaideCanberraGold Coast and many other local towns and cities through-out Australia.

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