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Taking the right step to mending our relationships

Positive relationships have an amazingly constructive influence on our lives. An individual’s sense of wellbeing and the fostering of emotional requirements can be impacted heavily by this relationship. Regrettably, when relationships are no longer positive, it can be distressing, leaving us feeling cut off, betrayed, miserable and even angry.

The rule book to happy relationships simply does not exist. Everyone experiences ups and downs, but ultimately doing the best we can to work as a team. When this fails us and things begin to fracture, it can be tough to see a solution in these relationships. Just who do you turn to when this source of trust and reliance is no longer there?

Is relationship counselling an option?

Are you constantly quarrelling? Is your living environment a place of constant friction and bitterness? Has the relationship lost its intimacy? These seemingly little but recurring relationship issues are usually indicators of a greater issue that may be causing problems.

Relationships can often be challenging, particularly when there are varying beliefs, opinions, cultures, and/or backgrounds involved.

Life Supports accredited counsellors and psychologists will help you, both individually and as a couple, to identify the issues you face. Further, helping you to rekindle yourself and your partner’s relationship with a new found sense of appreciation.

Our relationship counsellors are delighted to offer their services to all relationships.

Counselling married couples

There is a great deal of pain in a relationship when a marriage begins to fail, especially when there are children involved. An experienced marriage counsellor can help achieve harmony again by breaking through defence barriers and starting to ‘face’ one another again.

Marriages meet struggles throughout their tenure but some can be more critical than others, as in:

  • Controlling or abusive behaviour
  • Imbalance of power
  • Loss of intimacy
  • Extra-marital affairs
  • Sexual problems
  • Family issues

The experience and expertise found with Life Supports marriage counsellors can assist you in finding a means to a solution. While we listen and support, we also put positive strategies in place and implement important plans that will make a change to your current relationship.

Taking the steps to begin building bridges

While attending to the individual and the couple, our relationship counselling brings about change. The upshot is a superior self-awareness, a stronger comprehension of your partner and yourself. Helping you to identify the issues surrounding your marriage and/or relationship problems is the key to Life Supports success.

Once these problems are exposed and in the open, we help identify which steps need to be taken in order to reach a negotiated happy outcome whilst respecting the others’ feelings. By comprehending the base of the problem and how it influences and impacts the other person, you are then capable of starting to build bridges with your partner.

There is no need to stay discontent in a relationship; you can take positive steps. The first being to start talking again; so let us start now. Call us on 1300 735 030 today.

Our network of Life Supports accredited counsellors is exceedingly respected within the industry. Our high level of experience in relationship and marriage counselling allows us to offer professional, unbiased and emotional support to couples going through a relationship breakdown.

Take a look at the Life Supports network of counsellors and psychologists, inform our receptionist when you call of the choice you have made regarding your selection and we will endeavour to accommodate you and your partner.

Life Supports counsellors offer confidential relationship counselling services from offices in all major cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Gold Coast and many other various local towns and cities through-out Australia.

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