Relationship Counselling Melbourne

The first step in building bridges in your relationship

Being in a positive relationship can have a huge impact on our lives, increasing our sense of wellbeing and happiness and nurturing our emotional needs. Unfortunately, when relationships turn negative, it can be devastating, leaving us feeling isolated, betrayed, unhappy and angry.

There is no rule book when it comes to happy relationships and most of us have our ups and downs, doing the best we can to work as a team. When communication breaks down, it can be hard to see a way through. Just who do you turn to when your soul mate is no longer there?

Relationship counselling Melbourne

Are you constantly arguing? Is your home just a hotbed of tension and simmering resentment? Is there a lack of intimacy in the relationship? Often these small but regular relationship issues are symptoms of a bigger problem that you may not even be aware of.

Relationships can often be challenging, particularly when there are different cultures, beliefs, opinions and backgrounds involved.

Life Supports accredited counsellors and psychologists will help you to recognise the issues you face, both individually and as a couple, helping you to rediscover yourself and your partner with a greater sense of appreciation for both.

Our relationship counsellors are happy to offer their services to all relationships and partnerships.

Couples counselling all across Melbourne

When a marriage breaks down, particularly when there are children involved, it can be painful for everyone. An experienced relationship counsellor can help you break through those defensive walls and start to face each other again.

Most marriages face problems throughout their duration but some can be more serious than others such as:

  • Extra-marital affairs
  • Sexual problems
  • Controlling or abusive behaviour
  • Loss of intimacy
  • Imbalance of power
  • Family issues

Life Supports relationship counsellors can help you find a way forward. We are not only here to listen but to put positive plans and strategies in place that will make a difference to your relationship.

Start building bridges in your relationship

Our relationship and marriage counselling focuses on both of you, individually as well as a couple. The result is a greater self-awareness, a better understanding of your partner and helping you to identify the issues surrounding your marriage or relationship problems.

Once these issues are out in the open, we can help you to identify what action you need to take in order to reach either a compromise or a solution whilst acknowledging each others’ feelings. By understanding the core of the problem and how it affects the other person, you are better equipped to start building bridges with your partner.

Life Supports relationship counselling based in Melbourne

You don’t have to stay in an unhappy relationship; you can do something positive about it. The first step is to start talking again so let’s make that start. Call us on 1300 735 030 today.

Our Melbourne-based network of Life Supports accredited counsellors are highly experienced in marriage and relationship counselling and can offer professional, unbiased and emotional support to couples going through a relationship crisis.

Feel free to take a look at the Life Supports network of Counsellors and Psychologists and if there is one you think you would be most comfortable with, just inform our receptionist when you call and we’ll try to accommodate your request.

Life Supports counsellors offer confidential relationship counselling services from offices in all major cities including Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Gold Coast and many other various local towns and cities through-out Australia.

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