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Realising that you have a problem with drugs or alcohol isn’t always simple. You may find it difficult to admit to yourself that what you once thought of as an unimportant and irregular indulgence has become an addiction or substance abuse problem. The realisation is different for different people (with different substances sometimes causing different paths to addiction) however admitting that there IS a problem is essential in all cases.

So, let’s be honest …

Do you have a problem with drugs or alcohol?

Sometimes addiction to drugs or alcohol can sneak up on us, surprising us with our necessity for a ‘fix’. You might not realise that you have a problem until one of your family members or friends confronts you about your usage, or until an incident makes you realise how dependant you have become. If you aren’t sure whether or not you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, consider the following common symptoms:

  • Physical pain and withdrawal symptoms when cutting down or stopping use
  • Relationship problems due to addictive behaviour
  • Inability to perform normally at home or work
  • Feeling angry and defensive when questioned about your consumption
  • Needing a bigger and more frequent ‘fix’ to feel normal or good

What is addiction doing to you and your loved ones?

Addiction to drugs or alcohol can cause serious problems for the addicted person. Your emotional and physical health are impacted negatively by the ongoing dependence on these substances. However, your family and friends are also affected. They may feel lost, unable to help, angry or even betrayed by your substance abuse.

It is often the pain caused to others, not to ourselves, that can help an addicted person seek the help they need.

Thankfully, you can seek help from our Canberra based counsellors who have the experience and training to help you through this time.

What could ending the cycle of addiction do for you?

Imagine a life without the shame and deception that so often comes with substance abuse. Imagine yourself able to be honest and open with those you love. Imagine feeling positive and able to perform normally at work and home.

This is not only a dream, this is possible. If you have the courage to admit you have a problem with drugs and alcohol then you can get the help you need. Our Canberra counsellors and psychologists are here ready to support you and advise you through this life changing transition.

They will act as an steadfast source of support and listen to your concerns, fears and dreams. They will also be able to provide you with expert advice and strategies for overcoming substance abuse, working with you to:

  • Face the addiction
  • Identify the underlying causes
  • Stop addictive habits
  • Learn strategies for survival
  • Challenge your thinking about substances and coping mechanisms

How can Canberra Drug and Alcohol Counselling help you?

Our vast network of Canberra accredited drug and alcohol counsellor or psychologist means you can choose a drug and alcohol counsellor who will suit your needs and unique situation. We know that no two people are the same, which is why we help match you with someone who makes you feel comfortable and has the experience needed for your situation.

Your Canberra based drug and alcohol counsellor will be a key person in your recovery from drug addiction. To successfully overcome addiction it is necessary that you trust them and feel able to be honest with them about whatever topics come up. You should feel confident in their abilities and their steadfast support.

Life Supports offers experienced counsellors and psychologists for drug and alcohol counselling in Canberra

If you would like, our Canberra Life Supports network of Counsellors and Psychologists is available to browse online. Our receptionist will try to accommodate any requests for specific counsellors or psychologists when you call.

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