Learning Strategies to Manage Your Anger

Getting angry is a part of life. Though it is  normal to have moments of anger where you may do or say something you regret, if this becomes common place you may need help.

Taking control over your emotions requires a strength of mind – in both acknowledging that you have a problem and then seeking help.

What is anger?

There are two types of anger: primary and secondary. Primary anger is considered a normal and appropriate human emotion, that is usually a response to a form of emotional or physical attack. This anger can be released healthily and to defend yourself. Releasing this anger appropriately is not a problem.

Secondary anger, however, is anger that overcomes you with its strength and does not go away. This anger is not defensive, but destructive.

When is anger a problem?

Normal, primary anger may be fleeting such as a response of irritation to being interrupted or ignored.  You move past the incidence after you experience the anger. However, sometimes people may feel incapable of expressing their anger or moving past it. This can result in danger for the angry person and the people around them, who are often people they care deeply about.

While changing how you feel may seem impossible, it is not. Be in charge of your emotions with Anger Management. Anger Management Counselling from Sydney Life Supports provides you with strategies to control your anger and express it safely and appropriately. Sydney Life Supports accredited counsellors and psychologists will work with you to identify why you are feeling angry and what triggers this response.

You will work with them to change both your behaviour and your attitude towards your emotions.

Seek One-on-One professional help for your anger

Sydney life can be hectic. If you are finding yourself regularly overcome by anger at strangers, screaming at your children or losing control you may be helped by anger management counselling.

The actions necessary to control your anger and move forward positively can be discussed with a local Sydney Life supports counsellor or psychologist who has the accreditation and experience to help you.

Anger Management Courses in Sydney

An Anger Management course is an intensive option that is fitting for those who feel that their anger has spiralled completely out of their control. A 6-12 week Sydney Anger Management course with a Life Supports accredited counsellor or psychologist will be pivotal in helping you to take back control.

During the sessions you will learn strategies that allow you to identify emotional triggers and behave appropriately. Anger Management Courses focus on you, as a unique individual. Working with your Sydney counsellor you will find confidence to overcome your personal triggers and avoid destructive responses. If you’re in control of your emotions you can feel confident and positive about the future.

Anger Management Counselling in Sydney is about real solutions for real lives. You will find courage and determination to be in control of your life.

If you need a letter of participation for court purposes this is available from our Life Supports team.

Regain control of your life.

We have a large network of Sydney Life Supports Counsellors and Psychologists for you to consider. If you would like, you may browse the network and inform our receptionist of your preferred counsellor when you call.

Call us on 1300 735 030 to book an initial appointment.

Life Supports counsellors offer confidential anger management counselling services from offices in all major cities including Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, DarwinGold Coast and many other local towns & cities throughout Australia.

Anger Management FAQs

Your initial session with your Life Supports counsellor or psychologist is often used to establish a clear understanding of your personal situation, and formulate an individualised treatment plan.

Together, you and your counsellor will:

  • Identify your habitual anger ‘triggers’ – these may involve certain people, situations, or feelings
  • Determine how your thought patterns affect your behaviour, and show you how adopting new patterns can work to your advantage
  • Identify new ways to manage stressors in your life, including lifestyle adjustments
  • Work towards improving your relationship with yourself and others


Life Supports anger management counsellors and psychologists use evidence-based interventions such as solutions-focused therapy and stress reduction techniques to help our clients address anger management concerns. By far, the most effective evidence-based treatment for anger management is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Research shows that CBT is an incredibly useful anger management tool. In a recent analysis of multiple CBT trials, 76% of clients reported a medium to long-term improvement in anger management capabilities compared to control groups.

These results show there is real hope for those struggling with anger management. Life Supports anger management counselling can help you reduce your anger levels, and regain control of your emotions and behaviour. Back to top


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