Steve Bonanno- Life Supports Counsellor in Ashfield

Steve Bonanno

Graduate Diploma of Counselling

Member of the PACFA

Steve is a practical, approachable counsellor with many years’ experience in one-on-one counselling and couples work. He is a member of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia and works with adults, couples and families of all ages, genders, and backgrounds.

By providing a safe space, a compassionate ear and an open mind, Steve supports his clients to develop a deeper understanding of both their struggles and their strengths. When you explore your thoughts, feelings, and actions with Steve, the act of sharing your story can develop new awareness and insight, and help you to identify effective strategies for improving your life. Steve is committed to supporting you to find both practical solutions to life’s challenges and long-lasting acceptance for whatever life throws your way.

Steve genuinely believes that it is you who matters most in your story, as only you can truly understand what it feels like to live your life. There is no ‘fixed formula’ for creating change in people’s lives. Steve uses contemporary Mindfulness, Narrative and Gestalt Therapy strategies in a person-centred, solution-focussed approach to counselling, to support you to find the right tools and strategies to suit your needs. Together, you might begin by exploring difficult emotions, calming the distress you feel in your body, or challenging the beliefs that prevent you from moving forward. With Steve’s support, you can unlock the power to overcome your greatest fears, or make peace with the inevitable dilemmas and losses that may come through a life well-lived. Steve loves nothing more than to support people like you to be more accepting, connected, and at ease with your life and family, as a happier, stronger version of yourself.

Steve Bonanno has appointments available in the following location: Ashfield