Marcus Andrews, Life Supports Counsellor and Founder, Balwyn

Marcus Andrews

Master of Clinical Family Therapy

Bachelor of Social Work

Bachelor of Applied Science (Health Promotion)

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Marcus Andrews is a counsellor and founder of Life Supports, which was established in 2002.  He has extensive professional experience working as a counsellor and family therapist across a broad range of issues. A core component of his role at Life Supports involves the supervision of other counsellors, including secondary consultations. Marcus supports adolescents, adults, couples and family groups.

Marcus is passionate about providing counselling that empowers his clients to make genuine and long-lasting positive change in their lives. Even if a client feels stuck in unhelpful or destructive patterns, Marcus helps them to develop a genuine understanding of their circumstances and options in moving forward. He is insightful, engaging and outcome-focused – he supports clients with practical guidance and effective strategies to address their concerns. By understanding reactions, accepting them, and learning to modify them as necessary, real change and growth can occur. Marcus is committed to helping his clients discover an achievable way forward that improves psychological wellbeing, relationships and family life. 

Marcus believes that each person’s emotional response to a situation is uniquely complex, and based on their own personal experience and life circumstances. He incorporates a number of counselling techniques into his practice, dependent on individual therapeutic needs. Modalities that Marcus uses include: Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Trauma-Informed Therapy, Systemic Family Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Therapy and Recovery-Oriented Therapy. 

Marcus Andrews has appointments available in the following location: Balwyn