Jason Dillon is a highly experienced and perceptive counsellor, known for his dedicated and empathetic approach to therapy. With a strong professional background and membership in the Australian Counselling Association he excels in offering effective support. He empowers clients to navigate life's challenges with newfound strength, working with clients to realise their inner potential using simple effective techniques.

Jason believes in compassionate counselling that nurtures real and lasting positive changes in people's lives. He understands that feeling trapped in unproductive cycles can be overwhelming, and he gently guides his clients toward recognizing their own situation and potential paths forward. His approach is deeply empathetic and focused on sharing life skills; he supports clients by offering practical advice that addresses their concerns. Jason emphasizes the importance of recognizing and accepting one's emotions, learning to adapt them when needed, to facilitate authentic growth. He is dedicated to aiding his clients in finding accessible solutions that enhance their psychological well-being, enrich their relationships, and improve life’s dynamics.

Jason is skilled in guiding individuals through a variety of personal challenges and difficulties. He personalizes his support for every client, leveraging a broad array of therapeutic methods that focus on both humanistic values and evidence-based strategies. His practice prominently features trauma-informed therapy complemented by Mindfulness-Based Therapy, Somatic approaches, and Gestalt Therapy. Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, and Solution-Focused Therapy also play key roles in his tailored approach to healing and growth.

  • Graduate Diploma of Counselling
Adamstown (Glebe Rd)
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