Cathy Crawford

Bachelor of Arts Major in Psychology

Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling

Graduate Diploma of Relationships Counselling

Diploma in Mental Health

Gottman Method Level 1 (Couple Therapy)

Member of PACFA 

Cathy is an engaging and creative counsellor with many years of counselling experience. She is passionate and dedicated to supporting adolescents, adults, couples, and families to thrive. Cathy works alongside her clients to create their fulfilling life, to strengthen their resilience and expand their resources to enable them to weather the rough patches and stressors that life brings. 

Cathy’s kind and compassionate nature invites clients to feel safe and at ease, creating a trusting, non-judgmental, and empathetic space for change. This nurturing space encourages clients to explore their inner world, present and past challenges or difficulties and connections with others. This exploration increases the client’s understanding of themselves and others; how to grow through relationship challenges and create connections that are enjoyable and supportive; how to listen deeply to themselves and others to enhance communication; and how to cope when feeling overwhelmed, lost, out of control and stuck in unhelpful or destructive patterns. Cathy is passionate about providing counselling that empowers her clients to make genuine and long-lasting change in their lives and relationships.

Cathy utilises a diverse range of theories that are client and relationship focused. Cathy weaves this rich tapestry of theories into potent client sessions that explore, deepen and empower her clients to thrive and enrich their understanding of themselves and those relationships around them. These highly effective and evidence-based theories include Person Centred Therapy; Systemic Theory; Gottman Method Couple Therapy; Acceptance and Commitment Therapy; Trauma Therapy; Grief and Loss Therapy; and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. Cathy knows that everyone has an innate ability and internal resources to live a rich, authentic and meaningful life. Cathy understands her role is to walk beside each client, to uncover their truths, to heal and to empower them to live that best life. 

Cathy Crawford has appointments available in the following location: Edgeworth