Life Supports Accreditation and Quality Assurance

Life Supports’ mission is to build a network of high quality, highly effective therapists, with their own backgrounds and areas of strength, so as to provide clients with bespoke access to positive and effective counselling experiences.

Psychological wellbeing is a universal human right, and the foundation of a healthy society. Life Supports’ network of counsellors and psychologists seek to provide every client with effective, accessible counselling support regardless of gender, religious affiliation, race, cultural heritage, sexual orientation or economic circumstance. 

Our organisation uses a client focused, consultative approach to help people find effective support. We endeavour to link clients seeking long term positive change in their life with effective therapists who have the means to facilitate their progress.

It is critical for us to conduct rigorous accreditation procedures and oversee continuous quality assessment to validate our offerings for help seekers. 

With high quality procedures and thorough accreditation processes, we can facilitate professional services for both healthy minds and those seeking alleviation to their suffering to engage in life-enhancing counselling.

With our accreditation procedures, we can proudly advocate that our qualifying member therapists exhibit the following:

  • Have extensive experience and counselling competency. Each practitioner undergoes our rigorous selection process to ensure they meet Life Supports standards of highly ethical, effective and professional counselling services.
  • Are qualified and registered with their relevant professional bodies. This ensures that every member of our network is equipped to competently practice within their areas of expertise.
  • Are required to participate in ongoing professional education and training. This component of Life Supports accreditation ensures our counsellors and psychologists are at the forefront of developments in counselling practice and delivery.
  • Participate in our ongoing quality assurance program. 
  • Are consumer reviewed. This means that across many numbers of client relationships, they have proven themselves to consistently deliver therapeutically effective solutions to which clients choose to engage with long term, time after time.

In accrediting and then supporting these therapists, we proudly offer a platform that supports effective small business therapy practices to connect with help seekers in a convenient, quality-controlled manner.


Our ethos supports and celebrates the work of all mental health professions across the spectrum. Including but not limited to Occupational therapy, Counselling, Social Work, Psychology and Clinical Psychology. 

After their years of studies, our therapists must have trained and be registered with a regulatory body who helps to oversee accountability, training and formal complaints processes. We promote the training and qualifications as endorsed through particular bodies that we recognise:

Clients and professionals alike are entitled to certain rights in the counselling room and to clear complaints procedures, which we explain briefly here

Areas of counselling

Life Supports counsellors and psychologists have unique and niche backgrounds in all kinds of areas to help people with all types of stories. Some of the most common areas in which we provide support are:

Our team of counsellors and psychologists

We encourage you to browse our counsellor profiles to find a practitioner that meet your needs.

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