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Take back control over anger

Anger is a normal human response. Everyone has experienced saying or doing something when they are angry, that later causes them regret. However, for some people, anger can take control and these moments become all too familiar.

It takes inner strength to ask for help and admit that you have a problem with anger.

What is anger?

Anger is one of many human emotions that can be appropriate or inappropriate. Primary anger is the term used for anger that is a response to an immediate threat, either physical or emotional. This anger is a healthy and normal feeling. As long as it is released appropriately, primary anger is usually not a problem.

However there is another type of anger that can cause huge pain and devastation in your life. This is secondary anger, an emotion that begins to control the person and causes destruction – both physical and emotional. This type of anger is often constant and excessive, appearing to be a reaction to nothing.

When anger takes the wheel

For many people anger is simply a passing feeling, a sarcastic remark to a friend when someone cuts in the line in front of you, or even a slammed door during an argument. The anger, once released, can be dealt with and moved past. However when you are struggling with anger management this anger may not go away, or it may result in unsafe, hurtful and even illegal actions.

You can get back in the driver’s seat.

Anger management – Take back control

Gold Coast Life Supports anger management counselling provides you with support and advice about changing the way you respond to situations. The Gold Coast Life Supports accredited anger management counsellors and psychologists can help you understand why you feel angry and pinpoint specific triggers to this anger. Together you can find positive steps forward and avoid the devastation and destruction anger problems can cause.

Anger management counselling in Gold Coast

If you think anger is becoming a problem for you at home or at work, or you find yourself unable to control the way you respond to little annoyances, then anger management counselling may be beneficial for you.

Your Gold Coast Life Supports accredited counsellor or psychologist can help you discover why you are feeling such strong anger and uncover underlying causes.

Anger management courses based in Gold Coast

If anger has recently made you act violently or dangerously, then we recommend an Intensive 6- to 12-week Anger Management Course.  This time will be spent with a Gold Coast Life Supports accredited counsellor or psychologist, who can help you quickly work towards regaining some control.

In these sessions you will learn how to identify emotional triggers and change the way you respond. Gold Coast Intensive Anger Management Courses focus on the individual reasons you get angry and act aggressively, helping you to find strategies that really help you.

Having uncontrollable anger is scary for you and those around you.

Gold Coast Anger Management Counselling will help you regain control and live life without fear of responding violently to situations, or feeling unable to overcome anger.

The  Gold Coast Life Supports team can provide you with a letter of participation for our anger management course or anger management counselling, if required for legal reasons.

Take back control of your life.

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