Anger Management Darwin

Don’t be ruled by your anger

Getting angry is a normal part of life. Everyone can recall a moment that they flew off the handle and said something that they wish they hadn’t. However when this situation becomes a regular occurrence it can cause problems.

Learning to rule your emotions and not let them rule you takes positivity and determination – but it is possible.

What is anger?

When your anger is fitting to the situation it is known as primary anger. It is generally a response to some sort of attack – physical or emotion – and can be released and then moved past.

Secondary anger however, is anger that is ongoing and excessive. This anger is destructive and can have ruinous results.

When anger takes control

Normal reactions of anger are often momentary. You might swear when you accidentally break something of value or complain to your partner about an irritating child. However this anger once released should go away. When anger takes control you may not be able to let the feeling of annoyance go away. A small problem may escalate and the expression of anger become unsafe or inappropriate. In these instances your job, loved ones or your health may be endangered.

However, you can take back control over anger.

Be in control of your anger

Darwin Life Supports have a large network of anger management counsellors and psychologists who can help you change the way you experience and express anger. Working with an accredited and experienced professional will help you identify your triggers and reverse the cycle of destructive behaviour.

Anger management counselling in Darwin

Do you often get mad at your kids, lose it in Darwin traffic or find yourself shouting at your boss? Do you simply feel that your anger is often inappropriate for the situation at hand?

Darwin Anger Management counselling can help you take back control. Our Life Supports team can help pair you with a qualified Darwin counsellor or psychologist to explore your problems with anger. They will help you find strategies to move forward and be in control of your emotions.

Intensive Darwin Anger Management Courses

Has your anger become violent or aggressive? When anger has spiralled out of control we suggest an intensive 6-12 week Darwin Anger Management Course. Regaining control of your anger will involve working with an experienced Life Supports accredited counsellor or psychologist to learn ways to change your behaviour. You will be treated as an individual, with unique triggers and personal responses. That means that your Darwin based counsellor or psychologist will be able to help you face present and future scenarios with confidence that you are in control.

Having your anger control you is scary – for you and those around you.

Anger management counselling in Darwin is about having the strength and willpower to take control over your life and emotions.

If you require Anger Management for legal reasons, the Darwin Life Supports team can provide you with the necessary letter of participation.

Begin your journey towards a happier, healthier life today.

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