Books & Apps

Discover our recommended list of books and apps to support you through-out your daily living.


TopicBook TitleBook AuthorDescriptionBook Link
AnxietyThe Anxiety CureKlaus BernhardtHighly effective guide to finding the calm within yourself.The Anxiety Cure @ Penguin
Life Skills / MindsetThe Courage To Be DislikedIchiro Kishimi & Fumitake KogaBased on Alfred Adler Psychology; written asa conversation between two people about understanding your ‘life tasks’.The Courage To Be Disliked @ Booktopia
DepressionActually, I’m not OKDanny Baker B from The Depression ProjectUnderstanding depression. A guide to getting people motivated to talk about it and reach out to get help.Actually, I’m not OK @ The Depression Project
DepressionHow to Support a Loved One with DepressionDanny Baker B from The Depression ProjectUnderstanding depression from an outside perspective and a guide to how to help your loved ones.How to Support a Loved One with Depression @ The Depression Project
Depression / MindsetLost ConnectionsJohann HariThrows out the pharmaceutical, chemical imbalance perspective of depression and looks at the research around depression causes. Looks at finding meaning and connection/belonging in life as a way to combat depression.Lost Connections @ Booktopia
TraumaThe Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind & Body in the Healing of TraumaBessel Van der KolkResearch-based but easy to read. Looks at how the body and brain are linked in suffering from and overcoming trauma.The Body Keeps the Score @ Booktopia


TopicAppFree / PaidDescriptionApp Link
Anxiety / Depression Management,
Emotional Intelligence Skills
MoodmissionFreeFantastic app. Provides an assessment of how you tend to behave in line with your emotional peaks. Learns how to provide you with short, 3-5 minute emotional intervention exercises that help to reset your mood.Apple App Store

Google App
Smiling MindApple App Store

Google App
Meditation / Mindset10 Percent HappierFree for mental health professionals. Potentially not for public.Apple App Store

Google App
MeditationInsight TimerFreeApple App Store

Google App
Healthy SleepPillowFree for basic. Paid for premium. Stats, data, and sleeping aids to fall asleep. Tracks your sleep and provides you personalised data on your sleep patterns.Apple App Store (Only on Apple)

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