Zohrab Balian

Diploma of Counselling, Psychotherapy & Relationships

Bachelor of Counselling & Human Change

Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Member of PACFA

Zohrab Balian is an experienced and highly skilled Counsellor practicing for the past 18 years, he is also a current and active member of Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia. Zohrab has done extensive work with families, couples, adults, and adolescents.

Through the counselling journey Zohrab has learnt new processes from each one of his clients, through understanding their uniqueness, being curious about their backgrounds and life experiences, providing them with a safe and confidential environment to make a difference to their lives, the lives of their families, friends and professional relationships.

No matter where an individual is in their life, Zohrab believes that everyone has the power to learn and grow from human struggles and challenges that can be faced from the experiences of love, grief/loss, awareness of self, responsibility and accountability. By supporting, empowering, being empathetic, progress can be made. Zohrab believes that each client is the expert in their own life and circumstances, and by empowering and supporting them through their own journey, they will be given a chance to grow, and have the motivation to have a conversation to improve relationships and personal growth.

Zohrab practices in a way to help individuals see their own potential, which can be manifested through self-awareness, and awareness of their environment. The modalities Zohrab integrates to the counselling journey are person-centered therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, Family and Relationship Therapy, Trauma Informed Therapy, Positive Psychology, Narrative Therapy and above all Zohrab brings immense creativity and life experience to the sessions, adding colour to the counselling experience.

Zohrab Balian has appointments available in the following location: Chatswood