Vikki Anderson, Life Supports counsellor in Vermont

Vikki Anderson

Master of Counselling

Master of Education (School Counselling and Guidance)

Diploma of Human Resource Management

Bachelor of Social Science (Major: Psychology)

Rebates Available:
Private Health Insurance

Private Health Insurance available.

Vikki Anderson has worked as a counsellor and educator for over twenty years. In this time, she has been supporting growth and wellbeing, enhancing self-understanding, and collaboratively resolving identified concerns through various techniques. Vikki provides services for individuals, across the spectrum of children, young people, adults, couples, families and groups, providing practical advice and support.  

Counselling can be broad or focused and provide the client with changes in perspective, new insight, awareness of feelings, enhanced capacity to tolerate and regulate feelings, new actions or modifications of behaviours, and new or re-visualised decisions about life. Clients are active participants in the counselling process at every stage, with duration being short term, long term, or over a lifetime, according to clients’ needs. 

Using a wide range of modalities to work with clients from diverse backgrounds Vikki is able to provide a safe environment where clients have the opportunity to explore: aspects of identity, spirituality, relationships with self and others, past experiences, parenting, grief and loss, trauma, domestic violence, child abuse, use of alcohol and other substances, depression, anxiety, and other experiences.

Vikki understands that it is very important in counselling to ensure that a safe environment is provided to encourage and allow an individual or group members the ability to discuss openly their thoughts and feelings. In choosing to contact a counsellor, you are making a courageous decision which takes a willingness to not only seek advice but to be open to discussing your circumstances. Vikki is conscious of this choice and promises to respect and help guide you through the process, whilst working with you on all the possibilities for change. 

Vikki Anderson has appointments available in the following location: Vermont