Vaneitha Balakrishan Life Supports Counselling

Vaneitha Balakrishan

Master of Counselling

Master of Social Science (Counselling Psychology)

Graduate Diploma in Psychology (Counselling)     

Member of PACFA

Vaneitha has worked as a counsellor for over 14 years and her training has been in counselling, psychology and psychoanalytic work. She has extensive experience working with children and adolescents, adults, the elderly and families. In her therapeutic work she believes strongly in the shared journey of the therapist and the client as they work together to try and process the emotional difficulties, challenges, confusion and trauma that sometimes come to challenge us in our lives. The therapeutic process for Vaneitha requires a strong alliance between the counsellor and the client.

Vaneitha believes human beings are complex beings, challenged by life and our experiences, disconnected or misaligned with our true self, but also capable of transformation. By nature we are social beings and much of our hurt happens within the context of our relationships. So for most of us, this means that healing is best achieved in a therapeutic relationship. When each of us comes to a time in our lives where we feel drawn to doing this work of self-exploration, Vaneitha believes that a holding and protective therapeutic space is vital. She journeys side by side with her clients in this transformative process, promoting healing and ability to re-connect with life and others in a meaningful way again. The recovery process is a journey evolving over time, moving away from an undesired state to a state of renewal and wellbeing.

Vaneitha is analytically trained and has sound knowledge offering attunement and insight to help clients discover a deeper level of understanding of themselves and the personal meaning of their lives. She also works within the therapeutic technique of Sandplay with both adults and children. Sandplay therapy offers an opportunity for a rich, visual and symbolic form of client generated story telling. A story that may be difficult to express in more traditional talking based counselling. “People who know their story, and who can tell it coherently, are at an advantage, and more able to cope with life” (Holmes). Vaneitha feels it is an honour and a privilege to be able to work with a person in such a way that they become more able to tell their story in all its depth and richness and be the stronger for it.

Vaneitha Balakrishan has appointments available in the following location: Curtin