Tim Kenman, Life Supports Counsellor in North Lakes

Tim Kenman

Master of Counselling

Member of ACA

Rebates Available:
Private Health Insurance

Private Health Insurance available.

Tim is a skilled counsellor of almost 20 years and has worked across a variety of settings, communities and cultures. Tim has extensive experience working with families, couples, and adolescents and is a registered member of the Australian Counselling Association. Tim is devoted to working with people in meaningful, purposeful ways.

Tim believes that just like buoys in the ocean, we all have the ability to remain upright no matter how big the waves are. Tim’s highly personalised and empathetic approach to counselling will allow people to feel safe, respected and heard without feeling judged or isolated. By ensuring his counselling space is safe and welcoming, Tim invites people to share their stories and help them reach conclusions and understandings that are unique to them. Tim firmly believes that the stories we tell shape our world and through sharing these stories we are able to make meaning of our lives. As a counsellor, Tim is committed to having people feel safe and heard and will work with people in a friendly personal way.

Each session with Tim is tailored to a client’s personal needs, with outcomes always based on the client’s hopes for the session. Tim will use Narrative and Solution Focused techniques to help a person make sense of their situation and see a preferred future. Tim is passionate about helping people unlock their stories of hope and success.

Tim Kenman has appointments available in the following location: North Lakes