Tim Clark Life Supports Counsellor in Wheelers Hill

Tim Clark

Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy

Member of PACFA

Tim is a counsellor who has worked with adults and adolescents from a wide variety of cultural and social backgrounds. He is a member of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia and has worked in schools, community mental health services and private practice.

Tim is a deeply empathetic counsellor who recognises that people are the experts on their own experience. His first task is to listen closely to his clients and understand as fully as possible what their experience has been. The therapy may then focus on practical steps to build resilience before embarking on the deeper work that can produce lasting change. Tim’s calm, accepting manner helps people explore in safety the things that are causing them distress and empowers them to draw on their internal strengths and resources, thereby reducing the intensity and negative consequences of their distress.

Tim draws on a range of counselling approaches in his work and is driven by the needs of each individual he sees. His over-arching approach is Person-Centred and, in the early stages of therapy, he may draw on Cognitive-Behavioural, Mindfulness-Based and Body-Oriented approaches. In the longer term he may work with Psychodynamic and Existential approaches to get to the core of the issues causing distress.

Tim Clark has appointments available in the following location: