Tara-Lea Harley, Life Supports Counselling in Nightcliff Darwin

Tara-Lea Harley

Bachelor of Counselling

Member of ACA

Tara-Lea provides contemporary and holistic counselling that is inclusive of the meaning-making dimension of the human experience as a foundation to full spectrum wellbeing. She has many years of experience in a variety of settings and is a member of the Australian Counselling Association. Tara has worked in NGO, community mental health and private practice environments with youth, families, couples and individuals. Tara holds a sense of humour, is warm and grounded in nature, creative and passionate in her work, and brings a sense of vitality.

Tara-Lea provides services for you to attend to your own authentic self and and to create personally meaningful self-actualization, wholeness and expanded choice. Tara invokes sacred listening space, honors the unravelling of patterns that no longer serve, facilitates clients inner exploration and resourcing increasing personal worth, incorporates somatic practices to clear impacts on the nervous system, provides practical skills and tools to actualise real and lasting healing and supports you in strengthening your own sovereignty and maturation of identity.

Tara-Lea provides efficient and personally meaningful results by tailoring multiple modalities, incorporating somatic and creativity practices and by drawing from over 15 years of experiences. Tailored services include general counselling, transpersonal counselling, acceptance and commitment therapy, inner child work, shadow and archetypal work, utilization of imagery and intentional creativity, narrative therapy, somatic and embodiment practices.

Tara-Lea Harley has appointments available in the following location: Nightcliff