Sharon Fennell, Life Supports Counsellor in Miami

Sharon Fennell

Bachelor of Applied Science (Counselling)

Masters in Process Oriented Psychology

Sharon Fennell has over 10 years experience and is a highly skilled and sought after psychotherapist and counsellor and member of PACFA. Her blend of experience across the counselling and wellness spectrums has equipped her to successfully work with issues ranging from general habit change to working with more complex concerns. She is an expert in change and what it takes to make this happen. 

Sharon’s counselling style offers a warm and genuine approach and combines a range of interventions including Process Oriented Psychology, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Mindfulness based approaches. Sharon also provides financial counselling, addictions counselling including food addictions, and is a skilled couples and relationship therapist. 

Sharon has a unique approach to human behaviour which specifically works with emotional blocks and change resistance, disturbances, and the positive role of implementing enriching environments. She offers an inclusive approach and a safe and supportive space that truly honours the change that is trying to emerge in each individual. Clients will leave sessions feeling motivated to make the change they are seeking.

Sharon Fennell has appointments available in the following location: Miami