Sharon Blake, Life Supports Counselling in Freemantle

Sharon Blake

Master of Counselling

Bachelor of Social Science 

Sharon is highly experienced in counselling with her own private practice, a supervisor of student counsellors and teacher. She has been a therapist for 14 years and has a breadth of experience in many areas, such as women’s health, individual, couple and family relationships, drug and alcohol and personal support programs. For Sharon, her skills and knowledge must be broad as clients are multi-complex in their issues and her extensive training, experience and qualifications reflect this. Her approach is integrative, drawing from a diverse range of interventions and techniques, with a variety of skills and knowledge that are adapted to individuals, couples and families.

While Sharon can’t change difficult situations of the past, she will work with you to better understand, manage or resolve challenges in your life by helping you develop new ways of leading a richer and more satisfying life, resulting in a positive path towards growth and well-being. Results are gained by working with you to find solutions to emotional, mental and lifestyle problems; issues that are keeping you stuck in old patterns that may feel intractable and helping you uncover your true potential.

There are a variety of reasons people struggle over their lifetime, or during certain periods, and counselling offers a deeper understanding of this, with ways to move forward. Sharon starts where you are, and with what you view as problematic in your life. Sessions will include exploring these issues and developing insights around them, developing strategies to let them go or manage them, and an exploration of the bigger issues that often underlie them, with her gentle approach, moving at your pace.

Sharon Blake has appointments available in the following location: Fremantle