Sevcan Eminov- Life Supports Counsellor in Liverpool

Sevcan Eminov

Bachelor of Arts (Majoring in Psychology and Cultural Studies) 

Graduate Diploma in Psychology

Rebates Available:

Medicare rebates are available.

Mental Health Care Plan

Mental Health Care Plan appointments available.

Sevcan is a registered psychologist with a myriad of skills and experience working with adolescents, adults and couples. Sevcan assists clients with a wide variety of issues and concerns, who are from all walks of life and diverse cultural backgrounds.

Sevcan prides herself on being open-minded and flexible in her therapeutic approach and is client-centred and solution-focused when engaging with clients. Sevcan ensures she works herself around the client and their specialised needs and personal goals, moulding her therapeutic approach and techniques to each individual to ensure they receive the most suitable and authentic therapeutic care. Sevcan implements practical, everyday strategies for her clients, tailored to their specific situation. She also supports her clients in adopting more adaptive and resilient ways of thinking and perceiving the world around them, thus equipping them to successfully cope with life’s challenges. For Sevcan, therapy is about guiding each individual on their unique journey to becoming their best possible self in a supportive and dynamic therapeutic environment.

Sevcan utilises a wide variety of counselling techniques from various modalities, including: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Mindfulness-Based Therapy as well as Art Therapy techniques.

Sevcan Eminov has appointments available in the following location: Liverpool