Sarah Cotillon, Life Supports counsellor in South Melbourne

Sarah Cotillon

Masters in Counselling

Member of ACA

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Private Health Insurance

Private Health Insurance available.

Sarah is a qualified counsellor with many years’ experience. She is a member of the Australian Counselling Association, as well as the British Association of Counsellors and Psychologists. Sarah has worked with couples, adults and adolescents in a diverse range of settings.

Sarah’s goal is to enable her clients to experience an empathic and authentic counselling process. In this environment couples and individuals explore the challenges that face them. Her life philosophy is based on a belief that humans strive to live in harmony with their values and that finding a meaningful way of living is of paramount importance. With Sarah’s guidance, clients learn to examine their thoughts, feelings, reactions and motivations with honesty; leading to greater self-awareness and the possibility of making measurable improvements to their lives. This could be in terms of more satisfying and peaceful relationships with others, or it could be about tempering the negative and judgmental thoughts one has about oneself.

Past events or destructive relationships can stand in the way of a healthy sense of self. With compassion and self-acceptance clients can learn to turn away from repetitive, self-destructive patterns. To help her clients Sarah uses a range of therapeutic interventions; mainly Person-Centered, Family Systems and Existential, as well as using the more pragmatic approaches such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy.

Sarah Cotillon has appointments available in the following location: South Melbourne