Sandra Clough, Life Supports Counsellor in Traralgon

Sandra Clough

Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities, majoring in Psychology and Sociology

Graduate Diploma in Arts, Family Centred Practice.

Member of ACA

Sandra Clough is an experienced professional counsellor/family therapist and clinical supervisor. She is a member of Australian Counselling Association.  Sandra has been working extensively for over 20 years supporting a diverse range of clients across all ages with a particular interest in bringing about healthy, happy, authentic relationships and self-growth.

Sandra is down to earth, competent and empathic, focusing on client directed, solution focused outcomes. She gives her clients the opportunity to evaluate their sessions on what they want the outcome to be. Sandra is a published author and has a wide range of knowledge in human resilience and meditation mindfulness techniques. Through this work Sandra flourishes in supporting clients through stress management, grief, relationship work and parenting. Sandra works with individuals, couples and families. She looks forward to helping clients have a greater understanding on issues from general stress through to personal development. The disruptive thought patterns, feelings and emotions that cause disharmony, will be transformed with her support and strategies, to bring about a way forward and peace of mind. 

Sandra is passionate about working through the difficulties in life and supporting clients in gaining confidence to reach their full potential. Using Emotional Behavioural Therapy, Narrative theory and Client Directed Outcome Informed Practice Sandra believes she can work collaboratively to make meaningful change.  

Sandra Clough has appointments available in the following location: Traralgon