Sam McDonald

Diploma of Contemporary Somatic Psychotherapy

Specialist Course in Couple Therapy

Member of PACFA

Sam’s four decades of working with people, as a youth worker, then a massage therapist, and for the last 22 years as a Psychotherapist/Counsellor in private practice, have given her a depth of insight into what it is to be human; to be vulnerable, hurt, lost, angry, confused and stuck. And also the joys of adventure, surprises, creativity and love.

Of course it is usually the former group of painful states that cause you to be reading this now. And that is already an act of courage. So please continue.

A member of PACFA, Sam continues to explore and welcome her own Life’s experiences, challenges and disappointments. She brings her knowledge, skills and empathy to each therapeutic relationship in a kind and supportive way, so that change can occur and growth of self agency is encouraged.

In this way, authentic self experience can emerge, and repair, where needed, can take place. Building a therapeutic working relationship, where the client is at the centre, is itself  often a new and validating experience, and is Sam’s primary goal.

Sam McDonald has appointments available in the following location: East Geelong