Patricia Reilly

Master of Educational Studies – Family Counselling
Diploma of Transpersonal Art Therapy
Certificate in Sand Therapy
Certificate in Expressive Therapies

Patricia is a skilled counsellor with a unique approach to healing individuals, couples and families. Patricia has been in practice for over 15 years combining her professional knowledge, life experience and passion for helping people in order to provide the best counselling service possible. 

The foundation of Patricia’s work is a blend of personal growth, counselling and psychotherapy methods – which supports emotional healing, personal wellbeing and skill development. As a qualified early childhood and yoga teacher, Patricia has special interest in the development of emotional resilience and assistance with learning and behavioural problems. In doing so, she has assisted children and families to develop various coping strategies to assist in navigating today’s turbulent world. Her approach is empathetic, practical and insightful.

A focus of her work is the development of emotional intelligence, emotional resilience, emotional regulation and positive self-esteem. The importance of learning to live life in the moment whilst taking the lessons of the past into account and looking forward to the future is also a recurrent theme of Patricia’s approach with her clients.

Patricia provides her clients with a combination of personal growth, counselling, and psychotherapeutic methods including her unique use of Expressive Therapies, including Sandplay therapy to facilitate emotional healing. She strongly believes that a happy and healthy mind/body connect is essential for life skills.  Patricia is deeply committed to helping each individual, whether child or adult achieve the very best version of themselves possible!

Patricia Reilly has appointments available in the following location: Mount Martha