Nicole McIntosh, Life Supports Counselling Belmont

Nicole McIntosh

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor Teaching

Masters of Education (Special Education)

Diploma of Counselling

Nicole McIntosh is an empathetic and passionate counsellor available in Belmont, Geelong. She has extensive experience in education welfare, ensuring the professional and effective support of students. Through Nicole’s observations and skills development, she grew to understand the importance of Compassion, Acceptance, Resilience and Empowerment (CARE) to support wellbeing.

In her counselling practice, Nicole provides clients with a safe, nurturing space where they are heard, understood and supported to explore and express how they feel. Her primary method is person centred therapy with focus on the four values, Compassion, Acceptance, Resilience and Empowerment. This enables collaborative work with clients to gain insight and understanding of their concerns and situation, with Nicole’s skilled guidance and unconditional positive regard.

Nicole works with young people, individual adults and couples with a range of concerns such as grief, anxiety, relationships, support based counselling, unresolved resentment or shame and trauma. Through helping you to address any perceived barriers or unhelpful behaviour patterns, sharing new strategies to build resilience, and helping set achievable goals, Nicole will empower you to forge best life for yourself.

Nicole McIntosh has appointments available in the following location: Belmont - Geelong