Nada Kamoo is a highly experienced and professional counsellor that works with individuals, families, children, and adolescents across a broad range of presenting issues. Nada is a professional member of the Australian Counselling Association and tailors her approach according to the needs, goals, and strengths of each client.

Nada works with clients to help them develop skills and abilities that become available for them in the long term beyond counselling sessions. She identifies areas of growth and supports clients to work through uncertainty. The focus that Nada has is to not have a lifelong client, but rather one that is empowered and grounded, and is able to navigate their emotional, relational, and psychological landscape with confidence.

Expectations and goals of counselling are often dependent on what the client wants to achieve. Before offering solutions, Nada believes that it is important for her to have a true sense of the client and their point of view. This then becomes the space in which Nada works collaboratively with clients. She adapts her approach so that she may work together with a client as they are the experts of their lives. To do this, she utilises a variety of therapeutic modalities such as a humanistic approach, understanding family systems, strength-based therapy, somatic therapy, art or expressive therapy, and therapeutic therapy. Nada genuinely cares about the outcomes for the people that she works with – she wants to see them succeed.

  • Diploma in Counselling
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