Michelle Boyle

Bachelor of Psychological Studies

Diploma of Professional Counselling

Member of ACA

Michelle has been a qualified counsellor since 2009 and is an accredited member of the Australian Counsellors Association. She has worked in multiple professions which have required continual use of her exceptional, empathic and approachable counselling skills, with ongoing professional development both here and overseas. Michelle is deeply committed to helping her clients move beyond any challenges that are holding them back or causing them distress.

Michelle’s professional skills and life experience enables her to be insightful, knowledgeable and understanding with her clients. With extensive experience across a broad range of concerns and diverse backgrounds, Michelle provides her clients a safe open space to explore challenges, supporting clients to investigate possible areas where understanding and adjustment can bring about positive growth and greater wellbeing.

Michelle utilises both Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in counselling young people, adults, couples and families. Michelle’s warm, genuine, compassionate and trusting nature provides the security and support that clients seek, especially those engaging in counselling for the first time, so that you can feel comfortable and encouraged to pursue improved wellbeing. 


Michelle Boyle has appointments available in the following location: Bangor