Matti Lee, Life Supports Counselling in Epping

Matti Lee

Master of Counselling

Member of ACA & PAFCA

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Private Health Insurance

Private Health Insurance available.

Matti Lee has more than 15 years professional counselling experience in multiple service sectors and enjoys working with clients from all walks of life and variety of life challenges. She offers counselling care for individuals, couples, families and groups and is an accredited Trainer and Supervisor for professional counselors (ACA & PACFA Reg).

Matti’s dynamic and creative approach always brings fresh insight and motivation for clients.  She believes in hope and authenticity of each individual which leads to a highly personalized experience for her clients.  Many of Matti’s clients come back at different stages of life due to the trusting relationship which has been nurtured.  Matti is committed to bring lasting changes for the client’s health and wellbeing.  Satisfactory counselling outcome is often achieved by the collaborative team work between client and therapist; therefore, the genuine therapeutic relationship is the most important factor for success.

Matti’s has developed special interest in eclectic approaches to counselling. Matti works with multi-disciplinary health teams and other professionals to optimize therapy outcomes for her clients. In therapy she incorporates a number of counselling modalities including Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, Solution Focused therapy, Hypnotherapy/Imagery, NLP and couple/family approaches. Matti is a pro-family & pro-community therapist who cares for the integration of therapy and the real-life application. Life is about learning and clients will find Matti’s service encouraging and reassuring!

Matti Lee has appointments available in the following location: Epping