Maria Alphonse, Life Supports counsellor in Liverpool

Maria Alphonse

Master of Counselling Psychology

Master of Philosophy (Psychology)

Maria Alphonse has experience in delivering therapy to families, couples, young adults, older generations, adolescents and children from 4 years of age. She has an empathetic, person-centred and non-judgmental approach which sees clients as a person with value rather than naming them based on their issues.

Having worked extensively in a variety of settings Maria has demonstrated expertise in engaging with clients presenting with depression, addictions, obsessive compulsive conditions, trauma, low self-esteem, career concerns, relationship issues, various disabilities, workplace issues, performance issues and learning problems.

Maria is also an expert trainer and psycho educator in areas of self-esteem, assertiveness, decision making and problem-solving skills, teenage issues, team building activities for children, women’s health, academic resilience for adolescents and career growth for adults.

Maria understands the individual needs of her clients and implements therapeutic modalities such as: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, various family therapies, Narrative Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy and Mindfulness.

Maria Alphonse has appointments available in the following location: Liverpool