Mairead Healy

Mairead Healy

Bachelor of Arts Honours (Psychology)
Master’s Degree in Educational and Developmental Psychology

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Mairead is an experienced psychologist with 25 year’s experience working with adults, adolescents and children. Mairead has extensive experience working with individuals with a range of concerns including anxiety and depression, and with couples seeking support with relationship difficulties. From liaising with GPs to working in schools and in private practises, Mairead’s various counselling positions have given her a wide range of expertise.

Mairead has specific training and counselling experience in relationship difficulties, and in developing insight into how past experiences can impact on the present. Through the development of awareness, Mairead assists her clients to practise choice and work towards the changes they would hope to reach. Mairead’s warm, down to earth approach aims to support her clients by providing a safe, non-judgemental space to address their concerns.

Mairead is trained in a range of counselling methods including cognitive-behavioral therapy (working with negative thoughts) and Mindfulness (relaxation training). Mairead has specifically trained in Core Process Therapy which assists clients to work with difficult emotions in order to encourage acceptance, resilience and change. Mairead is also trained and experienced in Imago Therapy which is a direct means of resolving conflict in relationships that seeks to build stronger relationships and foster individual growth and change.

Mairead Healy has appointments available in the following location: Nedlands