Kate Stuart-Hutchins, Life Supports counsellor in Albury

Kate Stuart-Hutchins

Graduate Diploma of Counselling

Master of Human Resource Management

Bachelor of Science (Hons)

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Kate is an experienced therapist who specialises in working with couples, families and individuals experiencing distress. Kate uses client-centered approaches in her work, specifically Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), a highly effective method of working through difficulties as an individual and in a relationship and rediscovering your attachment to your partner or family member.

Kate has qualifications in counselling and human resources and has trained extensively in Emotionally Focused Therapy with experts in the field. This technique has real impacts on individuals and on how couples and families can work together to deescalate the stress and create harmonious relationships. Kate has also worked extensively with clients in immediate distress and severe crisis, being based in trauma centres and disaster recovery centres during various natural disasters. She understands grief and trauma as it relates to situational crises and is able to work with her clients upon discovery of betrayal and during major upheaval.

Kate works with clients from all walks of life and tailors each session to suit the needs of the individual. Kate is an empathetic and caring therapist with extensive relationship and conflict management experience. With over 20 years experience in conflict resolution, mediation, crisis counselling and relationship therapy, Kate will assist you to get your relationships and your life back on track.

Kate believes we have a huge capacity for change, and most people just don’t know where to start. Kate works to ensure the progress towards recovery is flexible and adapted specifically to each individual, empowering you to build and strengthen your relationships, manage stress and seek greater health and wellbeing in a supportive environment.

Kate Stuart-Hutchins has appointments available in the following location: Albury

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