Hilary Cook Counsellor

Hilary Cook

Master of Social Sciences (Counselling)

Master Practitioner of NLP

Member of ACA

Hilary is an accomplished and skilled counsellor with over 15 years’ experience in private practice and education settings. She draws on her deep knowledge and experience of working closely with adolescents and adults across a broad range of concerns. Hilary is committed, engaging, supportive and understanding. She has a great sense of exactly what needs to happen to help her clients feel better, with stronger relationships, greater resilience and a positive outlook.

Hilary gently encourages clients to explore and address issues and thought patterns that have previously blocked their progress. She helps guide clients to set goals, develop awareness and provides you with the tools you need, so you can achieve your goals and address further life challenges with confidence and a greater sense of self.

Because no two people can possibly ever be the same, Hilary takes great care in creating workable approaches for each individual and situation. She draws on her extensive experience of counselling processes including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming when working with clients. Hilary is focused and committed to providing each client an uplifting counselling experience, truly helping in the change process to achieve greater wellbeing.

Hilary Cook has appointments available in the following location: Dernancourt