Heather Thompson

Master of Counselling

Accredited Mental Health Social Worker 

Rebates Available:

Medicare rebates are available.

Mental Health Care Plan

Mental Health Care Plan appointments available.

Heather Thompson is an engaging and client-centred counsellor with close to 30 years’ professional experience. She is an active member of the AASW, and has a substantial background working in private practice. Heather specialises in providing effective therapeutic support to adolescents, individual adults, couples and families.

Heather has a warm, empathic counselling style and connects easily with her clients, encouraging open discussion. She knows it takes courage to seek help and talk about deeply personal issues. Heather is committed to creating a safe place where her clients feel at ease and comfortable sharing their experiences. During counselling, Heather helps her clients to focus on what they would like to be different in their lives. Hoped-for outcomes are explored, and immediate steps taken to change or manage any issues and concerns. From the very first session, Heather equips her clients with information and practical strategies that deepen insight, and significantly reduce the impact of any challenges they face. This often brings a sense of relief to the client: feelings of uncertainty are replaced with hopefulness as they work with Heather towards achieving their relationship, life and wellbeing goals.

Heather draws on a range of therapeutic approaches and a broad knowledge base in her practice. She tailors sessions to meet the uniquely personal needs and circumstances of each client. Counselling techniques that Heather uses in her practice include Client-Centred Interpersonal Therapy, Strengths-Based Counselling, Trauma-Informed Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy and Solution-Focused Therapy. Heather is deeply dedicated to working effectively with her clients to help them achieve positive outcomes.

Heather Thompson has appointments available in the following location: Ringwood East