Hayley Johnston, Life Supports Counselling in Hindmarsh

Hayley Johnston

Master of Social Work 

Accredited Mental Health Social Worker

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Medicare rebates are available.

Mental Health Care Plan

Mental Health Care Plan appointments available.

Private Health Insurance

Private Health Insurance available.

Hayley is a registered Mental Health Accredited Social Worker, Therapist and Teacher. Hayley has worked across the government and non-governments sectors in the areas of mental health, trauma and therapeutic responses/Counselling. In addition to general practice, Hayley has significant experience in working with children and adults who are responding to the effects of sexual abuse/violence, domestic violence, trauma, oppression and discrimination. Hayley also offers clinical supervision for a range of professionals through her private practice. 

Hayley is passionate about crafting therapeutic relationships that generate possibilities, agency and recourses that support people to take up their preferred identities in their own lives. Safety, optimism and collaboration are a focus of Hayley’s work and ethics and a foundation of the therapeutic relationship she creates with her clients.

Hayley’s work is theoretically based, however she wishes to acknowledge the contribution of the many women, men and children who she has met with and who have helped inform her thinking and her practice. Through the many conversations with people Hayley has grown an appreciation of the agency and resources people carry with them. These people have provided an unmeasurable contribution to the conversations she now takes part in. 

Hayley Johnston has appointments available in the following location: Hindmarsh