Gina Dearman - Life Supports Counsellor

Gina Dearman

Advanced Diploma in Counselling & Family Therapy
Living Wisdom Life & Counselling Skills (3 Levels)

Gina Dearman is a caring, insightful counsellor with over 9 years’ professional experience. Gina has extensive counselling experience in private practice, and works with clients of all ages across a broad range of issues. Gina specialises in providing therapeutic support to couples and families.

Gina provides a safe, nonjudgmental space for her clients to talk freely about their concerns. She is a very solutions-focused counsellor. Gina enjoys collaborating with her clients to: identify core areas of concern; provide practical tools and strategies to address issues; and support clients as they maintain and sustain positive changes in their lives and personal relationships. Gina is particular skilled at helping couples heal past hurts, practice radical honesty and intimacy, and enhance their negotiation and communication skills.

Gina believes that there is no problem that is too small to talk about – if it is on your mind, it’s important. She tailors counselling to suit the unique needs and circumstances of each of her clients. Gina combines wisdom and common sense  with the practical application of therapeutic techniques such as Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy and Motivational Interviewing to achieve optimal outcomes for her clients.

Gina Dearman has appointments available in the following location: Warner