Gerrit Willemse, Life Supports Counselling in Joondalup

Gerrit Willemse

Masters in Educational Psychology

Bachelors of Education (Honours in Educational Psychology)

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Gerrit Willemse is a registered psychologist with over 30 years’ experience working in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. He has worked for many years in mental health services, child protection, education and private practice and brings a wealth of experience to counselling. Gerrit is passionate about providing excellent service to all his clients and works with children from 12 upwards, adults, families and seniors across a broad range of issues.

Gerrit has specific training and counselling experience in anxiety/stress reduction, sadness/depression, suicidal tendencies, trauma (including PTSD), OCD, parenting and challenging behaviours, ADHD, Oppositional-Defiant behaviours, Tourette’s Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder. Over the years he had excellent results with many of his clients and enjoys working to assist them achieve their goals.

Gerrit is trained to use a wide variety of therapies including positive psychology, cognitive-behavioural therapy (working with negative thoughts), mindfulness (relaxation training), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, Attachment Based Therapy, and other methods depending on the needs of his clients. Gerrit says he aims to do the best he can for each of his clients and as long as they are willing to try, he does his best to help them. 

Gerrit Willemse has appointments available in the following location: Joondalup