George Karpetis, Life Supports Counsellor in Daw Park

Dr George Karpetis

PhD in Clinical Practice

Masters in Social Work

Dr George Karpetis is a counsellor with over 20 years of experience who works with adults. George is an Adjunct Senior Lecturer with the University of Adelaide, an author on effective treatment of mental health issues, and he is registered with the Australian Association of Social Workers. George supports clients with a vast array of concerns, including anxiety, anger, and relationship concerns.

George is outcome focused and aims at helping people conceptualise their suffering as the outcome of their internal and external relationships. Because George recognises that clients expect to understand the causes of their internal suffering, he will conduct a thorough assessment (usually, within two sessions), before he will openly and frankly share his professional assessment, before proposing therapeutic intervention.  

George views symptoms as opportunity for the in-depth exploration of people’s lives which can result in personal growth and development. He aims not only at helping clients experience relief from their suffering but ensures that they live happy and fulfilling lives.  George is trained in psychoanalytic psychotherapy and uses evidence-informed psychoanalytic theoretical perspectives in his counselling practice. 

Dr George Karpetis has appointments available in the following location: Daw Park