Garry Mahemoff, Life Supports Counsellor in Elsternwick

Garry Mahemoff

Bachelor of Arts (Major in Psychology)

Diploma of Counselling

Garry is a wise and experienced counsellor, helping adult individuals and couples thrive for over 16 years. He is a member of the Australian Counselling Association and supports clients who are experiencing difficulties, individually and/or in relationships, across many wide-ranging issues.

Garry’s collaborative and outcome focused style encourages his clients to explore their current life issues in a safe and non-judgemental environment. As a result of the understanding gained through this process, clients are empowered to effectively make relevant changes in their lives which include the setting of meaningful goals and the strategies designed to achieve them. Garry has an unwavering commitment to support clients as they navigate their journey of self-discovery and growth leading to greater psychological awareness and resilience.   

Life is uncertain and inevitably involves coping with challenging issues. While we all share a common humanity, we also are complex individuals with our own unique ways of responding to them based on our past experiences and personal circumstances. In his counselling, Garry uses a person-centred approach as he genuinely believes that clients have the capacity and resources to lead more creative and satisfying lives. Through an array of different counselling models – Psychodynamic, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Solution-Focused and Brief Intervention – as appropriate in each particular setting, Garry affirms that clients can achieve a positive outcome and looks forward to helping them experience greater inner peace and harmony, success and improved health and wellbeing.

Garry Mahemoff has appointments available in the following location: Elsternwick