Debra Scollard, counsellor in Preston, VIC

Debra Scollard

Bachelor of Social Work

Graduate Certificate of Family Therapy

Diploma of Counselling

Rebates Available:

Medicare rebates are available.

Mental Health Care Plan

Mental Health Care Plan appointments available.

Debra offers warm, genuine, and fresh approaches to counselling her clients in Preston, supporting you to understand and strengthen your emotional and mental health. Debra has extensive professional experience in private and public Mental Health settings. Debra’s philosophy is to provide a wide range of accessible, quality psychological strategies and therapies that will best address your personal needs.

Debra is alternative to clinical approaches and tends not to focus on diagnosis; and instead encourages curiosity about how you have adapted to your life experiences, and then how you can learn to effect change in yourself and your relationships.

Debra’s counselling and psychotherapies are underpinned by Systems and Trauma theory, which are further explained below.
Systems Theory: It is important to understand that we are all interconnected with our family and wider environment, and that what we feel, think, and do ‘ ripples’ from our past relationships and throughout future generations. Change occurs when we recognize these patterns and learn to make small changes leading to personal growth, freedom, and improved relationships.
Trauma Theory: Traumatic events happen to all of us in our lifetimes; whether we are traumatized or not depends on what the event ‘means’ to us as individuals and what strategies/supports we have available to us before, during, and after the event/s. Trauma changes the structure of our brains; Thankfully, Neuroscience proves the brain remains pliable (Neuroplasticity) and that we can heal from trauma.

Debra Scollard has appointments available in the following location: Preston