Debbie Navara, Life Supports Counsellor in Bondi Junction

Debbie Navara

Masters in Educational technology

Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Certificate in Corporate Coaching

Member of PACFA

Debbie Navara is passionate about encouraging people to be themselves and see the remarkable people they are through managing their minds and emotions. She has many years of experience as a counsellor and is an accredited member of PACFA. Debbie speaks the language of her clients, bringing an inspiring and effective approach to counselling.

Using an authentic counselling style, Debbie wants clients to walk away from each session with new insights and practical strategies that will better help them navigate everyday life and lead to long- term change. She works closely with clients to create solutions where they can make sustainable change during their most challenging times. She enters their world, showing them how to engage with their own self-exploration, opening up to their own freedoms, honouring their authenticity and ultimately making peace with themselves and from there clients routinely find new found freedom. She focuses on how each person can foster success through developing a growth mindset and how they can transform their thinking to turn challenges into opportunities for growth.

Debbie works with and blends a range of therapeutic approaches such as Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Process -Oriented Psychology, Trauma Focused Therapy, Gottman Sound Relationship Therapy and Mindfulness Based Therapy. She believes in the uniqueness of every client and their ability and willingness to change, reshape and rebuild themselves and their relationships, empowering each one of them towards a deeper level of wellbeing. 

Debbie Navara has appointments available in the following location: Bondi Junction