Cori Lambert - Life Supports Counsellor

Cori Lambert

Graduate Diploma in Psychology
Gestalt Psychotherapist and Counsellor


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Cori Lambert is an empathic, highly competent counsellor with extensive professional experience in private practice and the corporate sector. She is also a member of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia. Cori specialises in counselling children, adolescents, individual adults, couples and families.

Cori offers a respectful, confidential and nonjudgmental setting for all of her clients. She genuinely listens, and provides honest and sensitive feedback to her clients. This increases their understanding and awareness of concerns affecting themselves and their relationships, and helps to identify possible pathways forward. Cori understands that issues in life can sometimes feel overwhelming, and she is adept at helping her clients navigate strong emotions and difficult circumstances with a sense of safety and trust. She is committed to supporting her clients to achieve significant and meaningful change in their lives.

Cori draws on a number of counselling theories and methods in her practice. Therapeutic techniques that Cori integrates into her sessions include: Gestalt Psychotherapy, the Masterson Approach, and Mindfulness-Based Therapy. With her corporate sector background and insight, Cori is also able to effectively support clients seeking to address workplace-related issues. Whatever concerns they may bring to counselling, Cori is dedicated to helping her clients define their own paths for change and development.

Cori Lambert has appointments available in the following location: West Perth