Cherrie Austin

Diploma of Counselling

Member of ACA

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Cherrie is a compassionate counsellor who works with range of clients from children and adolescents, to adults, couples and families, regarding a variety of issues. Cherrie is committed to helping her clients understand their concerns and develop effective strategies for positive growth and change, and by exploring these concerns, gain insight into the underlying issues and impacts.

Cherrie works collaboratively with each client to address any potential barriers and create the necessary conditions for change towards health and wellbeing. Done through guidance and unconditional support, and at a pace directed by the client, Cherrie ensures her clients feel heard without judgement, and are empowered to make changes in their own time and way. 

Cherrie is a member of Australian Counselling Association and tailors each session to the meet the clients’ personal therapeutic needs. Cherrie incorporates many contemporary models of counselling in her practice, including Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy and uses an integrated, client-centered approach. Cherrie is a passionate counsellor and believes in the ability and personal strength of each client, helping them to achieve their goals and have greater health and wellbeing.

Cherrie Austin has appointments available in the following location: Maroochydore

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