Caryn Walsh, Life Supports counsellor in Pymble

Caryn Walsh

Masters in Counselling

BA Psychology and Communications

With more than 25 years as an experienced counsellor, facilitator, life and executive coach, Caryn Walsh has been helping individuals, relationships and families deal effectively with life challenges and thrive in their lives overall.

As a widely experienced practitioner, Caryn is passionate about her work helping people become more empowered in their choices, take control of their lives and feel more content and satisfied in everything they do. To do so, she helps clients understand their triggers, assess situations and events that overwhelm them and then helps them design practical strategies and techniques to address them over time.

Drawing on her vast experience and academic background, Caryn walks alongside her clients to help guide and coach them, and as a former lecturer in psychology at the Australian College of Applied Psychology, Caryn is well-known for helping people boost their careers and grow in their lives, by overcoming their fears and making changes where they want to, so that real growth occurs across all aspects of their life.

Caryn, a 7-times international and Australian Award winner for her work in helping people and leaders thrive, sensitively helps clients move forward, using a host of skills and strategies to deal with life’s complexities and a range of modalities to assist them – including Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Psychodynamic approach, Systemic Family Therapy and the Narrative approach to changing old ‘scripts’, as examples. Optimistic, enthusiastic with a warm approach, Caryn has a strong desire to continue helping others in any way she can and she is a highly regarded, much-sought after professional in all areas of her work.

Caryn Walsh has appointments available in the following locations: Pymble and Wollongong