Carolyn Johnson, Life Supports Counsellor in Ocean Reef

Dr Carolyn Johnson

Bachelor of Applied Science (Social Work)

Master of Arts

Doctor of Philosophy

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Mental Health Care Plan

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Dr Carolyn Harris Johnson is a counsellor with 40 years’ experience. She is a registered Member of the AASW, an accredited provider, a trained family therapist and a sought-after supervisor of other counsellors in clinical practice. She is strongly committed to ongoing professional development to enhance her practice.

Carolyn is warm, accepting, empathic, non-judgemental and easy to talk to. She has helped many individuals, couples and families over the years who were experiencing a range of problems such as separation, relationship problems, loss and grief, trauma, domestic violence, depression, anxiety, anger management, childhood trauma, and other life stressors. She understands that people’s experience of distress is unique, and often linked to a painful past. She will help you to unravel the link between how you are feeling now, and what may have happened in the past, thus assisting you to create a more fulfilling future for yourself, where you feel more in control of your life. She envisages engagement in counselling as a positive step towards supported growth through the therapeutic experience.

Carolyn draws from a range of contemporary and more traditional approaches in her work including Mindfulness Based, Cognitive Behavioural, Narrative, Psychodynamic and Systemic Family Therapies. In consultation with you, she will adapt her approach to suit your individual needs. She is committed to helping you to navigate through your current difficulties, develop understanding and reach your potential, by providing a skilled, confidential and individually tailored, counselling service, where you will feel valued and secure, as you face life’s challenges and expand your coping strategies to deal with them.

Dr Carolyn Johnson has appointments available in the following location: Ocean Reef