Bree Bryant- Life Supports Counsellor in Cambridge Park

Bree Bryant

Bachelor of Social Work

Member of the AASW

When you meet with Bree, you will immediately be reassured by her warm and professional approach. Her counselling knowledge, experience and skill set enables her to work with people of all ages, from children, adolescents and adults to couples and families across a broad range of concerns. Bree believes that an open, safe and trusting relationship between a counsellor and client is pivotal to create effective outcomes, and she sets off on this path with you straight away, so you have the best opportunity to achieve your desired goals.

Bree provides insightful, open- minded and compassionate counselling and uses her role as a platform for people to overcome life’s challenges and foster emotional balance. She tailors her approach to match the varying needs, concerns and strengths of her clients and follows her clients lead to ensure a respectful and non-intrusive process. Bree is passionate about engaging in thoughtful conversations that promote insight, empowerment and personal growth. She collaborates with her clients to develop relevant, practical and sustainable strategies to aid change.

To do this Bree uses an eclectic approach of client centred and strengths- based perspectives encompassing Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solution- focused therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Motivational interviewing, and Trauma focused therapy. Bree values the experience of each person she sits with; each day, step by step you will begin to feel better, stronger and more connected under her guidance and care.

Bree Bryant has appointments available in the following location: Cambridge Park